Last week I opened an Etsy store for some of the clay projects I have worked on.  I don’t have any cowgirl sculptures ready for the site just, yet but they’re on their way! I’m still producing about 12 cowgirls sculptures each month along with mugs, bowls, platters, and other ceramica.

bikemug3 bluebicyclegirls


A couple of summers ago I started biking with some amazing girlfriends on the various high altitude terrain here in Northern New Mexico.  Glad to have a team of strong women to get outdoors with I love getting out on the trails on my mountain bike, and thanks to a generous gift I have fallen in love with the meditative rhythm of road riding too!  I am also really impressed by the genius invention that is the bicycle.  Beautiful design, highly functional gear system, ideal mode of transportation, excellent piece of simple and complex machinery all in one fairly light weight man powered gadget!  So I’ve been playing with my brushwork and have taken on the habit of embellishing many of my functional pieces with bicycles.  Thanks to a crew of amazing women and a brilliant pair of wheels, while they aren’t actual cowgirls, for me there is certainly a clear link.