IMG_1266 It’s that time of year again.  We’ve started gathering wood for the Taos potters to fire our spring wares in the big kilns out in Tres Piedras.  We gather wood from felled trees in the national forests, purchase some from locals, and get scrap bundles from the lumber mill and haul it all out to our off-the-grid sight 17 miles past the gorge bridge.  Unloading, cutting, splitting, and stacking somewhere over 10 cords of wood in preparation.

It’s a community experience teaming up with 12-20 committed artists spending, 2 days cutting and stacking, then firing up the kilns and taking shifts stoking 24 hrs. a day  for multiple days until ideal temperature is met.  Hundreds of glazed and unglazed pots and sculptures are loaded into these mammoth kilns to be loaded up with ash and heat resulting in fairly unpredictable and beautiful surfaces.


Prep day, April 5th will be a mess of axes, mauls, chainsaws, work gloves, glasses, goggles, food, water, and sweat.  Come on out if you’re feeling burly!

IMG_1291 IMG_1292 IMG_1479