Prepping for the May Wood Firing

With schedules swirling around spring travel during our slower season in Taos, we took our usual team of 12-20 potters that fire the two large Tres Piedras kilns and split it up into 2 firings.  They just finished the April firing and for those of us firing in late May it’s go time for making work.

I just started making the first cowgirl sculptures.  It will be a little different type of wood firing than the last time I wood fired the cowgirls.  We will only be firing our ground hog kiln that we typically add baking soda to enhance certain effects.

Groundhog Soda









Building the the cowgirl sculptures is a fairly straightforward process.  For standing cowgirls I start with a sturdy base and model the legs and boots.  I need to consider the final gesture I want to achieve from the placement of the feet to the balance and pose of the legs so they can set up in position long enough to support the rest of the sculpture.  The strong forward stance of the guitar player is planned from the first steps, and the angled bent pose of the protector is set up to curve the body off center facing left.  The entire sculpture is built solid from the bottom up with all the arm gestures, clothing details and facial expressions carefully worked into place.  Props, pets, and cowgirl hats are the finishing touches on each piece.

IMG_4927 IMG_4932

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