The outlaws

The outlaws

I have been living and working in Taos, New Mexico for almost 10 years and for most of that time I worked in restaurants and did odd jobs to support making art, traveling, and my humble but comfortable lifestyle.  Thanks to falling in love and having the support of a partner this past year has been an amazing journey into starting my own business and stepping away from restaurants for the time being.

The community center in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico just north of Taos rents out rooms for small businesses, many of us being artists and makers of some kind.  Renting out the space for many years to make work when ever I was able was a great way to keep my hands in clay.  We have long since set up the hallway between our spaces as a make shift gallery to display our work during open studio events and for when people just drop in.  We are finally in the process of putting up signs to transform the abandoned appearance of our building into a more inviting space.  Most people know me simply as Laura, so when it came to putting up signage and coming up with a name, I went with simple and straightforward.  If you are looking for me I hope to have my sign up sometime late this summer.  Just look for “Laura’s Studio” at the “Community Center Studios.”

The building hosts a small collection of talented painters, a photographer, a clay artist (me!), a dance and movement studio, and an amazing furnishings and interior designer/upholsterer.  Almost everyone in the building is more than one kind of maker or artist, myself included!   It’s worth stopping by when you make a trip into Arroyo Seco!


Just a photoshopped idea of what it will look like with our signs.

Our photoshopped image of our building with signs.