Open Studio and Taos Clay Wood Firing


IMG_5269Hey y’all and yippee kai yay!  We’re saddlin’ up for another open studio event on August 30th from 2pm-6pm.  Our building features 7 different artists working in a variety of mediums, painting, sculpture, upholstery, fibers, photography, collage, and more!

We’re cleaning up our work spaces offering refreshments, beautiful works for sale, and the pleasure of our charming company.  Stop on by, take a look around, relax in the yard, and buy some unique one of a kind pieces.

This weekend we’re also firing up the wood kiln at Taos Clay in El Prado, so be sure to check out the gang loading up the little beast on Friday August 29th and stoking straight on through til Sunday.  Hope to see you there, and snacks and beers are always appreciated!

This will be my first firing at Taos Clay and I’m looking forward to learning more about how this little wood kiln fires.  We wood prepped yesterday bucking up a little less than a cord of wood, just one scrap bundle from our local lumber mill.  In under two hours we had that bundle cut and stacked and ready for this coming weekend’s firing.  With another cord of wood we’ll be good to go!  Looking forward to sharing the results, so keep checking back and remember to stop by the studio any time and especially this Saturday!