The tides always seem to be shifting, new weather patterns, epidemics, improvements, ideas, new hobbies, new restaurants, fashions, technologies… I have become acutely aware of this phenomena in my own life lately and while grateful for certain constants, wave my white flag to the inevitability of change.

For starters my regular schedule has been totally freed up to work in my studio.  I am no longer sitting the Gallery in town on Thursdays!  I have also been taking on a lot more house sitting gigs moving from place to place hanging out with all species of house pet and furry family member.

Being in a relationship my love and I continually shift and adjust our lives, our schedules, our expectations to make things work, and so far so good.  It can be stressful, but we’re in it together.  As a high school teacher, my partner in crime is preparing for the school year, waking up earlier, getting out and spending time with friends as much as possible before classes are fully underway.  We will find the new rhythm of autumn and continue to cultivate and harvest our little garden before the frosts.

Perhaps the biggest shift of all was when he asked me to marry him.  It felt like I had entered a new stage of my life.  And believe me, that last one, while it was a blast, full of rich adventures and experiences, was also a long and rough road to travel.  I was, for the most part, a carefree romantic seeking experience, adventure, and love.  With the love of my life, I am now functioning as part of a team, supported in my passions, and building toward a steady and deeper connection with my partner.  Looking forward to the newest latest shifts in the tides, and grateful for myJumping Couple copilot to help navigate our course!