Just a little about me

So I’m trying to put together a wedding website and it’s asking me to write a little about me, my partner, how we met, and how he proposed.   I am not really sure what to say, but when people ask me questions I tend to have a stock answer for them.

I waited tables for many years and with just a short amount of time to provide a satisfying answer here were my responses to the following questions…

Where are you from?

“I’m originally from Reading, Pennsylvania, you know, outlets, pretzels, and the railroad on the Monopoly board.”  If my audience seems receptive I sometimes add… “Lots of people think it’s pronounced Reeding, but they obviously can’t Red.”  Terrible joke I know but every now and again my crowd takes pity on me with a laugh.

How did you get to Taos?

“After graduating from Penn State with an art degree, I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  I traveled cross country for 2 months checking out grad schools, residencies, and working artists.  I met a woman from England at one of the hostels and she hoped to get to Taos.  Never having made it herself, I promised I would stop there in my travels… I just passed through but came back to be here for two months.  10 years later… ”  I’m pretty settled into my studio, little casita, and fantastic community of friends and peers.  It’s a struggle, but I love it here!

What do you do?

“I’m a ceramic artist, but a little ADD in the studio.  I also oil and watercolor paint, sew stuffed animals and the hems of my pants, screen print, batik, not to mention pottery and sculpture.”

Are you married?

My answer for this question has changed over time, and now I can say that “I am engaged to marry my dearest love and friend.  You might know him, Ned?  He’s a poet and the english teacher at one of the charter high schools here.”

I am working towards building a small business as an independent artist through the clay cowgirls, a novel and fun way to immortalize various specific and general ideas of women that I know and admire.  I have the most amazing mother, sister, and girlfriends and am lucky to have their example to inspire these sculptures!