The November Lull

The cold weather has been setting in, gardens have been put to bed as night temperatures reach below freezing, and clouds tease us with dustings of snow anticipating the upcoming ski season.  Excitement over Taos Ski Valley‘s new lift up to Kachina Peak peppers conversations with hopes of a snowy winter, but until our Thanksgiving opening day the month of November haunts this sleepy town with significantly less visitor traffic, the life blood of our economy.

Kachina Peak looms in the ski area just outside of Taos, NM.

Kachina Peak looms in the ski area just outside of Taos, NM.

I arrived in Taos 10 years ago in November desperately seeking work and being regularly turned away during that near screeching halt in business I have come to know all too well as that November lull.  It happens every year, and I still find myself surprised at how quiet it gets, never quite saving up enough to feel safe in that transition into the chaos of the holidays.

Now is the time to build inventory, prepare for a holiday sale, and brace ourselves for the onslaught of incoming travelers, skiers, and friends coming in from out of town.  I’ve been sitting the Rottenstone Pottery for the past three days, and thank goodness for a weekend shift, or I would have made almost no sales in this time.  At least I’ve been making pots and even sold a couple of my own in the meantime!

Looking forward to a great season of skiing and sculpting!