Do the Hustle

At a time when many of the balls you are juggling seem to be up in the air, it is quite a fancy trick to step away, drive 4 1/2 hours to the airport and fly across the country, hoping to pick up the act when you return.  With wedding plans underway, moving forward on buying a house, and the daily rhythms, or lack thereof, of building a business, my partner in crime and I took our act on the road this past weekend to share in the wedding celebration of one of his high school buddies on a magical snowy evening in Philadelphia.  As so often happens when you bring old friends together for the first time in many years, there was much remembering, reminiscing, and plenty of regressing.  It was a bro down love fest and a blast to see the man I love radiating in a shower of camaraderie with his old classmates.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


verb |riˈgres|

1 [ no obj. ] return to a former or less developed state: art has been regressing toward adolescence for more than a generation now.

Ned and I are both from south eastern Pennsylvania, and one of the more common and easy entry topics that opened conversations for me at this wedding was the fact that two kids had to pick up their lives and move all the way to Taos, New Mexico in order to meet and fall in love with a fellow east coaster from just down the turnpike viagra englisch.

Sitting in the Philadelphia airport waiting for our flight, Ned grading papers and me on my laptop, it’s a familiar scenario.  So many things bring us back, and like our recent 10 day holiday gauntlet, our long weekend was no different.  When we first found each other, it was charming to think, of course we get each other having similar roots in PA, getting the crazy Philly sports fandom, and how logical to simply head east together to see both our families with one stone.  Well, this one stone has been hitting more than 2 birds with every toss in this direction, this time visiting both sets of parents, one grandmother, wedding celebrants and guests, some high school friends of mine, and a brother, sister, niece, and nephew in just 3 days!  ‘PHEW!  is right!  With so many reasons to come back and visit, we set plans to do as much as we can, and on our return we need more of a rest than before we left!

Going back isn’t just for the physical body.  This time Ned went back in time with old pals, and at the reception we imagined we had the stamina of ourselves as young 20 somethings (for those who don’t know… we’re young 30 somethings… not totally faint of heart…. yet!).  The suffering following those bad decisions was much worse than I remember.  You don’t really pretend to be young twenty somethings the morning after, it simply is not permitted… the body, the headache, the ill feelings in the gut, refuse to allow the fantasy any more indulgence, and probably as a defense mechanism, this body needs a break and it’s taking one whether I would like to or not.

Needless to say, all delusions I had when packing my gym clothes dissolved in a blur of gathering with friends and family and celebrating my love’s past high school years.  Cheers to long lasting friendships, I’m glad those friendships have much more stamina than I do!