I haven’t quite found the research, but it wasn’t the first time I was hearing that my fiancé and I were attempting to accomplish 3 of the most stressful things one can do in life in the next few months.  I’m starting my business here with making pottery and sculptures, we are planning our wedding (as low stress as we can for a guest list of up to 200 people), and in the past month we have been taking steps towards buying a house!  Aunt Julie says our bodies can’t really tell the difference from good excitement and stress… we’re basically “running from hungry lions.”  And, yes, it all seems good and exciting, but it certainly is stressful.

Buying a house has been on our minds for quite a while, flipping through real estate catalogues, trolling websites, eyeing up homes with glowing signs of their agents’ companies, and taking note of all the things we love or hate about the homes we’ve house sat for.  It was all very benign up until last month when we shared a chair lift with our buddies and expressed our interest in buying with a humble budget.  Before we knew it we were meeting with mortgage brokers, visiting the house they owned, other comparable properties, and talking with contractors, real estate agents, and all manner of family and friends for advice and decision making opinions and perspectives.

The house is the right size for what we are looking for, great location, with a little bit of acreage.  It is a funky old adobe with a lot of potential, much of which we think we can draw out ourselves with a little vision and TLC.  Taos ‘Funky’ is a hard one to wrap your mind around if you don’t live in the area.  It can mean anything in the range of unknown foundation and shared well and septic all the way to spray foam roofing and rotting adobes, any of which could result in a money pit or worse!  It’s our first time and we are not yet deterred by anything major.  So far all signs point to go as we do our homework, dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

One more important factor is having a studio on site.  We spoke today with a contractor, and need to make sure all is a go with the town, but if I can have my kiln in the same place as my studio that would be ideal…. for all those potters out there, I transport every piece of greenware to my kiln down the road… a dirt road no less!  For the laymen this means my work is traveling in its most fragile state to be fired and finished, and casualties are a devastating part of that process.

In the meantime, mugs are getting trimmed and handled, sculptures are being envisioned and sketched out, and wedding plans continue to take shape.  Life is an exciting adventure and as we run from hungry lions we are also hoping that we’re heading towards a healthy feast!