Where did January go?

It’s been a helluva January that went by in a blink, my love got the flu right when we had agreed to take on two housesits on opposite ends of town.  I did the hustle back and forth to get the pups outdoors and exercised while he recovered from a pretty harsh take down that I know many of you can relate to.  In my last post I talked about keeping works in progress in the studio and while I barely made it in here I did pull reclaim buckets and began to reconstitute some creamy white porcelain I’d had sitting around for quite a while.

Though I hadn’t spent much time elbow deep in clay I did enjoy the mass postings of artwork from peers and <a href="https://www.facebook.com/laura viagra sildenafil citrate.brzozowski.5″>the challenge to go back through my own work and share 3 works a day for 5 days.  Seeing that work I had made and really enjoyed dredged up the desire to make functional and sculptural porcelain pieces again.  While my clay slowly comes back to a workable state I have pinched together a few cups and threw out slabs for slump plates and bowls.  The sculptures are coming together in my mind’s eye and I am looking to pick up a few more boxes of this porcelain and see what happens!