Slugs and Jellies

On honeymoon far from the southwest USA we perch on barstools overlooking saltwater stretches here in Negros Oriental.  Spoiling ourselves at a resort in Dauin we sip drinks adorned with exotic fresh fruits and reflect on four weeks of adventure and relaxation in the South Pacific.  Today featured snorkeling just off the resort at a small marine presere where I saw my first sea slug…google them.  Also known as nudibranchs, They are some of the most radiantly colorful little creatures to be found in the salt water seas.  Ours was a bright bleached white with blue and orange stripes and bright orange antennae.  Quite another treat after yesterday’s puffer fish, blue and black ringed little sea snake, and abundance of easy going sea turtle at Apo Island.

Only downfall was the painful encounter with a jellyfish…. only mere hours later, little to no sign of it’s sting remains….



Ned is a great travel companion up for adventures, and all heart in every way.  The honeymoon isn’t over yet!