Finding my way back: observations and gratitude

By October 21, 2015Blog

I got married in June and have spent 5 weekends at home since then… it’s mid October.

It hasn’t all been travel and chaos and life altering, and granted half of those absent weekends involved our epic 6 week honeymoon in southeast Asia sharing my Philippine heritage with my wonderful new husband.

It’s the other weekends away, for funerals, conferences, and weddings, on top of intense news broadcasts, campaign debates, and a general feeling of hopelessness with regards to where this planet is headed that has made the world seem to be spinning out of orbit.  The extremes are almost too much to wrap one’s mind around… such tragedies and carelessness next to extreme generosity and major efforts to push back against the powerful influence of money and greed.

Getting lost in the push and pull of social media and it’s overwhelming power to suck us in and spit us out even as we travel and “get away from it all” can easily send one spinning wildly away from what it is that drives us forward.

I am thrilled to be home, ready to be in the studio, inspired to put my head down and lose myself in the zen of the spinning wheel, the tool that helps me mold clay into the simple, humble, functioning little objects that serve up nourishment to the people of this world that venture to use my pottery.  I am returning back to the earth and grateful that it is there, grounding, and waiting for my touch.