First Firing 2016 – a quick overview

By February 11, 2016Blog

Back less than a month and we’re loading and firing the little wood kiln over at Taos Clay.  Without enough time to finish, dry, and bisque new work, high-fire pieces that have missed the last wood firings are all I could manage for this quick little wintery cooking.

Our plan of attack consisted of accumulating just over 2 cords of dry wood, an afternoon of loading work,  bricking up and sealing the door, and setting the firebox ablaze for the next 30 hours or so.  Someone is there filling the firebox with wood every few minutes to make sure we have a good sized coal bed and our temperature keeps building.

When our cone packs softened to a raging cone 9 we tampered down (tightened up the flu)  and hit the sides with 3 pounds of soda, you know the kind, Arm & Hammer from the grocery store, dissolve in water and spray into side ports.   We kept on stoking till our kiln evened out before I hit the hay as remaining team members took a few hours to down fire the little dragon.

A couple days of cooling later we were unloading fresh pots for the new year!

IMG_4227 IMG_4238 IMG_4256