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For the Love of Making

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On my first visit to Taos I pitched my tent on the grassy backyard of the Abominable Snowmansion Hostel.  Thanks to the recommendation from a new friend I had met traveling cross country over the course of 2 months trying to figure out what to do with my art degree, I made the detour into northern New Mexico on my way to the residency I had accepted in Lawrence, Kansas.  In less than a day I had made some friends, shared fireside beers and one liners with the potter across the street, and been offered a job at the hostel if I ever decided to return.

By November 2004 I was wondering what on earth had I been thinking moving into the freestanding six foot cube cabin I would be calling home for the next few months viagra deutsch.  Was I just hoping the potter next door would take me in?  Perhaps it was the appeal connecting to Hosteling International and making this a stepping stone to my grand plans of world travel?  Heck, maybe the mountain was calling me, for all I knew?

I proceeded to take jobs wherever I could, at the Taos Ski Valley teaching skiing to 3 and 4 year olds (not as charming as it sounds), cleaning up after the neighborhood potter (and helping create the mess), waiting tables next door (which I would do on and off for the next 8 years), and of course playing housekeeper and hostess to all the hosteling visitors from around the world.

Eventually I would start renting a studio space where I could make my own work.  In the meantime, I took odd jobs, started pet sitting, and when I finally stepped away from waiting tables, that long term life line to a steady paycheck, the pet sitting and catering gigs still help to keep my bills paid.  I’ve been away from the restaurant circuit for just over a year and with much of my savings dried up and the art market simply being what it is, I will be able to take advantage of people needing job coverage.   Lucky to have kept in the good graces of one of my service jobs enough to be welcomed in to cover those available shifts during a slower time, I can count on a little income to get me through to the holidays.  I’ll also be sitting galleries, dog-sitting, peddling my wares on Etsy, my shop page, and seeking further gallery representation.  I am lucky to have a few commissions coming my way and some tentative interest in some of the sculptures I have in stock that will hopefully bear fruit.

For the love of making, I have continually refused offers of steady work that would put me on someone else’s schedule requiring my time when it would serve me best to be in my studio.  Wish me luck friends! Holding out as long as I can, taking the odd jobs so I can, for the most part put my almost full time schedule (except when I have to go walk a dog, or sit a gallery, or cater a gig) in at my studio.


Tools of the Trade

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As I’ve mentioned before, it’s the real women that I meet along the way that originally inspired the idea of sculpting my clay cowgirl figures.  Every now and again I like to share a bit of the true stories of the “cowgirls” I have come to know, capable women venturing into non-traditional territories and fighting the odds to make their way.

I am privileged to work down the hall from an incredible woman, artist, and craftswoman who truly knows her stuff.  Originally an architect, she came to Taos NM to work with the Earthship Biotecture groups that build and design sustainable structures before designing and building her own off-the-grid home, now doing most if not all of the maintenance and repairs on that home.  To make her living she started and runs her dynamic and versatile furniture and upholstery business.  Hardly credited for her finished work that regularly appears in magazines featuring notable Taos homes, she not only creates unique individual pieces from scratch for private spaces, but takes on hotel projects here and across the country hiring part time help for some of those mammoth undertakings!

Skilled in a variety of crafts, my personal collection of her work includes the exquisite headboard for my queen sized bed, a lovely leather ottoman with tufted leaf details, a collection of designer fabric pillows, a fantastic leather purse, and a number of sweet hand knitted and felted stuffed animals purchased for gifts.  She always has the right tools, and when I’m stuck on a project I am so lucky to have her right down the hall to advise me on fabrication, construction, and all manner of other subjects including love and life!Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

She’s not riding horses off into the sunset, but she can wield every tool of her trade like the fiery lasso of Wonder Woman!  Visit us in the Arroyo Seco Community Center Studios and work with this amazing woman to create your own one-of-a-kind custom showpiece for your home!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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