Pots, peak, and pages

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Just a few photos to share what I’ve been up to…

New pots unloaded yesterday!  I’m really psyched about the stacked vases!

Ski week with a trip to the Peak as they hung new prayer flags!

Coloring pages I came up with from the ideas of the GSA student group at our local high school!  Other coloring page designs and recent pots are available on my etsy page!  (I haven’t had a chance to post these pots yet, so keep checking back!)

IMG_4413 IMG_4409 IMG_4391 IMG_4386 IMG_4383 IMG_4382

First Firing 2016 – a quick overview

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Back less than a month and we’re loading and firing the little wood kiln over at Taos Clay.  Without enough time to finish, dry, and bisque new work, high-fire pieces that have missed the last wood firings are all I could manage for this quick little wintery cooking.

Our plan of attack consisted of accumulating just over 2 cords of dry wood, an afternoon of loading work,  bricking up and sealing the door, and setting the firebox ablaze for the next 30 hours or so.  Someone is there filling the firebox with wood every few minutes to make sure we have a good sized coal bed and our temperature keeps building.

When our cone packs softened to a raging cone 9 we tampered down (tightened up the flu)  and hit the sides with 3 pounds of soda, you know the kind, Arm & Hammer from the grocery store, dissolve in water and spray into side ports.   We kept on stoking till our kiln evened out before I hit the hay as remaining team members took a few hours to down fire the little dragon.

A couple days of cooling later we were unloading fresh pots for the new year!

IMG_4227 IMG_4238 IMG_4256

Out of the Kiln, Out of the Fire…

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What a huge year!  So-long 2015, it’s been quite the ride!  Here’s the quick synopsis!


January: My first wine festival Grand Tasting as a guest and not a server at Taos Ski Valle

February: Looking at houses with the hopes of buying!  Trip to Philly Winter Land for friends’ Wedding Celebrations!

IMG_9966March: Pat makes the journey from Minne!

April: We run the Valles Caldera 10k and adventure on scavenger hunting with the Swims

May: Our moms visit, Zumba at the block party, bachelorette party in SF, and we make the move to our new-to-us house!IMG_0577

June: … june?  not much happened in June right?… We get married and leave for southeast asia!

July: Bali and the Philippines

IMG_1965August: A quick visit with family in San Diego, then back to Taos, a long weekend in PA, and Ragnar

September: Tear up our floors, buy nice hardwood to replace it (still haven’t yet), with a conference in Utah somewhere in there, finish it off with our annual Fall Arts Festival with the growing and world class Paseo media arts bonanza!

October: A week in California with family to remember our departed cousin, then a weekend in Oregon to celebrate a cousin’s wedding with a quick trip to Washington to meet a new cousin IMG_0247

November: St Thomas “honeymoon” with both sets of parents for ThanksgivingIMG_3350

December: Holiday events, sales, making, firing, and travel east to spend the last weeks of the year with our family… Radio City Music Hall and Phish at Madison Square Garden… cue the new year!

Welcome 2016!

Holiday Sale and Party

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Clay cowgirls, paintings, pottery, cards, pillows, gifts, and more!  We’re at it again at the Arroyo Seco Community Center cleaning, decorating, and making, making, making!  Hand made here in these very studios this rag tag lot of local Taos artists are bringing to you our 4th annual Holiday Sale and Party.

Claire makes her fine fabric creations including upholstery, furniture design, and leather jewelry.  Established Taos painter Anee Ward displays her broad collection of glowing light and color landscapes, winter scenes, and island beauty, offering unique and beautiful card sized versions of many of her most sought after paintings.  Jill Rounds is setting out her fabulous felt tote designs and painted collage work.  And of course there’s me with my mix of pottery and sculpture.

This event offers great unique and local gifts perfect for the holiday season!  Come join us, partake of refreshments, and support your local artists and makers wherever you can.


Holiday Making

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If it seems like I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth when it comes to blog posting, and many other activities, it’s because I basically have.  I’ve shut myself up in the studio and have been making great little gift items.  Your favorite and mine, cups, mugs, and bowls!

Thanks to Dana at tea-o-graphy some of those mugs will be available at the holiday harvest market sale at KTAOS (our very own Solar Radio station) this Saturday brought to our little community courtesy of the Taos Farmer’s Market.

If you can’t make it tomorrow there are a few other events where these mugs and others will be available.  Come on out to the Lighting of Ledoux Street on December 5, and pop into Substance of Taos for a visit, and to pick out great gifts from a variety of local artists as well as the finest women’s clothing selection you can find nearly anywhere!

And of course don’t forget to make it to Arroyo Seco and pick out your favorite ceramic pieces at our annual Holiday Sale and Bazaar Thursday December 10 from 5-8pm.  We’ll have the colorful paintings of Anee Ward, the whimsical collages of Jill Rounds, and the fabric creations of Claire Blanchard and the Tufted Chair.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thinking Smaller

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Just over a year ago a few friends joined me in attending my first Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  If you ever have a chance to go, please do.  It is one of the most enchanting experiences you may ever have, waking before light to see glowing orbs announce the dawn, then wandering through acres of inflating masses that eventually lift off and fill our yawning skies with rainbows of fire breathing beasts.  No joke, you feel like Alice in Wonderland wandering through oversized mushrooms in all manner of psychedelic patterning.IMG_7582

Taos hosts its own Balloon Fiesta, scaled back, less traffic, a more reasonable hour of the morning, and still an utter delight for all who attend.  Extra easy on the little ones in so many ways makes for a great family event!

It’s also the time of year to build inventory for the holiday push.  The studio rhythm has scaled down, become about making cups, mugs, and bowls in mass quantity, objects ideal for gifting friends and family.IMG_3346

Cowgirls have taken a back seat for the moment, still available in the shop here, on etsy, and at Gallery Mar.  I’m also working with tea-o-graphy to put together the perfect holiday gift of blended teas and your very own one-of-a-kind mug both made here in Taos, New Mexico.  It looks like we’ll be attending a few different events where you can buy these great little gifts, so stay tuned and come on out to see what we’ve come up with!

Finding my way back: observations and gratitude

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I got married in June and have spent 5 weekends at home since then… it’s mid October.

It hasn’t all been travel and chaos and life altering, and granted half of those absent weekends involved our epic 6 week honeymoon in southeast Asia sharing my Philippine heritage with my wonderful new husband.

It’s the other weekends away, for funerals, conferences, and weddings, on top of intense news broadcasts, campaign debates, and a general feeling of hopelessness with regards to where this planet is headed that has made the world seem to be spinning out of orbit.  The extremes are almost too much to wrap one’s mind around… such tragedies and carelessness next to extreme generosity and major efforts to push back against the powerful influence of money and greed.

Getting lost in the push and pull of social media and it’s overwhelming power to suck us in and spit us out even as we travel and “get away from it all” can easily send one spinning wildly away from what it is that drives us forward.

I am thrilled to be home, ready to be in the studio, inspired to put my head down and lose myself in the zen of the spinning wheel, the tool that helps me mold clay into the simple, humble, functioning little objects that serve up nourishment to the people of this world that venture to use my pottery.  I am returning back to the earth and grateful that it is there, grounding, and waiting for my touch.

Watch Logan (2017) Movie Online Streaming & Download

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